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Max Forti

Well respected YouTube fragrance reviewer Max Forti discusses his thoughts on Gravitas Pour Homme.

Sam (My World Of Fragrance)

The wonderful Sam from the YouTube channel My World Of Fragrance gives her thoughts on Gravitas and our perfumer John Stephen.

Fragrantica writer Miguel Matos writes an article and a written review on Gravitas Pour Homme


Lanier Smith

Lanier Smith gives an indepth review of Gravitas Pour Homme.

Chris (Scentland)

Chris from the YouTube channel Scentland talks in detail regarding his thoughts on the release of Gravitas.


Best release of 2020

Perfumer and Fragrantica editor/writer Miguel Matos selects Gravitas Pour Homme as his choice for best fragrance release of 2020.

``This year I had very little access to new perfumes and so I decided to explore oldies. Nevertheless, I had a few memorable encounters with new editions, among which I have to highlight Naughton and Wilson's Gravitas Pour Homme as my choice for best discovery of perfumes launched in 2020. This is a fragrance created in collaboration between Dan Naughton, a.k.a Mrsmelly77 (creative director) and John Stephen (perfumer). What a serious fragrance this is. Stuck in the old-school style of aromatic fougères, Gravitas is the exact reflection of Dan's personal style and preference. Everyone who has seen his reviews knows that he favours the masculine traditional perfumes with a very serious gentleman vibe. This is totally befitting to his vision. An austere and refined fragrance that echoes the past of men's grooming, with the lightness and elegance of contemporaneity. Flawless, high-quality and sophisticated. I would even say aristocratic.``

Sarah Haris

Instagrammer and fragrance blogger Sarah Haris gives her thoughts on Gravitas Pour Homme.