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Naughton & Wilson

Naughton&Wilson is a British fragrance brand created by English fragrance reviewer Dan Naughton and Scottish entrepreneur Matt Wilson.  Our aim in creating our first fragrance was to create the ultimate fougere scent, capturing the best facets of classic European masculine fragrances whilst being versatile and relevant today. A classic fragrance for modern times.

Through our collaboration with the renowned English perfumer John Stephen our vision became reality. He has a long and illustrious history in the fragrance industry and has even created bespoke perfumes for the English Royal Family.

We are delighted with the fantastic critical reception which the fragrance has received and excited to produce more classically inspired modern fragrances for men and women.

Our fragrance house is committed to using the highest quality ingredients and creating scents which are timeless, sophisticated and unique in equal measure.

Classic Perfume

Our perfumes carry a classic style.

The Perfumer

With over 50 years in the industry, our perfumer is highly regarded in the world of perfumery.



We use the highest quality raw ingredients available to us.


We believe presentation is important, so we deliver our perfume in stylishly designed bottles with premium custom caps and metalic labels.

Gravitas Pour Homme

What to expect..

We tip our hat to the classic fougere of the past and bring it into modern times with a fragrance beautifully composed by master perfumer John Stephen.
Creative Director

About Dan Naughton AKA MrSmelly1977.

Dan Naughton is a well known YouTube fragrance reviewer, he currently has one of the most followed YouTube fragrance channel in the UK with around 30,000 subscribers.

After years of reviewing and wearing other brand’s creations Dan has decided it is the right time to put his knowledge and expertise to good use and create his own brand with the help of the Scottish fragrance entrepreneur Matt Wilson and English Master Perfumer John Stephen.


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Gravitas Pour Homme

is here

Gravitas Pour Homme is a fougere fragrance created by English master perfumer John Stephen.
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