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It is January 2020 and we are excited to be putting everything together to start shipping Gravitas Pour Homme out to those who ordered via Kickstarter.

The last month or two has seen us receive great video reviews from YouTubers like AC from Smells Good, Wafts from the Loft, The Fragrance Apprentice,  Smurfygurly and Daver from the Fragrance Bros.

The written review from Miguel Matos on Fragrantica website was another great moment for us.

Fragrantica Writer & Perfumer Miguel Matos

It has been a long road from conception to the imminent release of the fragrance. Meetings with potential backers and trips to the Cotswolds to meet perfumer John Stephen  were punctuated by  a steady stream of videos by creative director Dan Naughton on the MrSmelly1977 YouTube channel and much behind the scenes work on sourcing the packaging for the product.

With several YouTubers now releasing fragrances we are excited to be part of this trend but also happy that we have a very distinct brand which is centred on classical perfumery and an English sense of elegance.

The name Gravitas Pour Homme was chosen to convey the sense of maturity and confidence that we hoped the fragrance would convey. Of course, men of any age can wear the fragrance as can women too!

Master Perfumer John Stephen

The notes we selected with John Stephen are some of the most quintessential fougere accords and, whilst we cannot claim to have entered any unchartered stylistic territory, we feel the perfume stands alongside some of the best aromatic fougeres currently available. There is also something new and unique about this classically themed Extrait de Parfum.

The fresh tones of bergamot and mandarin are underpinned by aromatic lavender in an arresting opening. Smooth cardamom mixes with spicy coriander and pepper in the heart of the fragrance. The base of patchouli, oak moss, ambergris and vanilla is classically masculine with an undertone of seductive sweetness.

Creative Director/YouTube fragrance reviewer Dan Naughton aka MrSmelly1977

Reviewers have compared the fragrance to some of our favourite classic masculine scents and we are happy to be mentioned alongside some of the best niche fragrances. However, what is clear is that different people experience the fragrance very differently and draw different comparisons. We feel  that this is due to the refinement and complexity of this enigmatic and captivating creation.

YouTube Fragrance Reviewers “WaftsfromtheLoft”

The engraved gold plaque that we have selected for the label on the bottle is suitable for a fragrance named Gravitas. So too is the heavyweight engraved gold lid and the simple yet elegant bottle design. The box we have designed is simple and attractive with the baroque logo we chose proudly displayed alongside the script.

We are very excited to get our hands on the finished product and to ship it to our first customers. 2020 will see us looking to bring this wonderful scent to new customers around the world. Also, we are already in the process of composing the next release from Naughton & Wilson which will be revealed in spring of 2020.

Watch this space!

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