Welcome from Naughton&Wilson

01. About our brand

Naughton and Wilson is a brand created by English YouTube fragrance reviewer Dan Naughton (YouTube channel: MrSmelly1977) and Scottish fragrance entrepreneur Matt Wilson. We wanted to produce the ultimate fougere scent capturing all the best facets of masculine perfumery and the timeless gentlemanly aura which we value very highly in fragrances. Our first release, Gravitas Pour Homme is the result of this endeavour.

With the help of English Master perfumer John Stephen we were able to realise our vision of the perfect gentlemanly scent for tasteful men of all ages.

The fragrance was launched via a hugely successful Kickstarter crowd funding campaign and has received excellent reviews on YouTube and also in the Fragrantica website from renown fragrance writer Miguel Matos.

We are looking forward to creating many more unique and exciting perfumes for men and women.

02. The Perfumer

John Stephen is an English perfumer with an illustrious career in the industry. He is the man behind The Cotswold Perfumery and has created perfumes for brands such as Boadicea the Victorious and Czech & Speak. He has also created bespoke perfumes for the British Royal Family.

We approached John with our vision for Gravitas Pour Homme because we liked the idea of creating a fragrance composed and made in England and because we were highly impressed with his other work and his eloquence and expertise in discussing the process of creating great fragrances.

We are hugely honoured that John agreed to create Gravitas Pour Homme and we were astounded when we received the prototype samples as they perfectly matched, and in fact exceeded, our hopes!

03. About our Creative Director

Dan Naughton is the face of the MrSmelly1977 YouTube fragrance review channel. Since becoming fascinated by the world of fragrances in his 30s, Dan has amassed a large fragrance collection and in 2016 started his own fragrance review channel which quickly grew to become the most viewed and subscribed of any UK based YouTuber.

Apart from his humorous intro sequences, Dan is known for his love of classic masculine perfumes from the 1950s, 60s, 70s and 80s and for his inclination towards citrus aromatic, chypre and aromatic fougere scents.

Seeing the opportunity to create a fragrance catering to his viewers’ enjoyment of similar styles of masculine scent, he set out in 2019 to create a fragrance brand which could be launched by a Kickstarter campaign and publicity on his own YouTube channel.

Naughton and Wilson is the brand and Gravitas Pour Homme is the first fragrance. We hope you will love it as much as we do.